Let’s face it, painting your face to support your favorite team can be a pain. A one of its kind fan experience which lets fans overlay virtual face paint, helmets and other 3d models on a live image of themselves. Fans can then take selfies and share the photos on social media to show their support towards their favorite teams.

Design & Development

To make this experience successful, the project was built on top of a face detection library. The points generated after the detection of user’s face was used to generate a mesh over which an image was applied as a texture. The development was done keeping in mind that the masks/virtual paint filters could be easily modified without an app update. Therefore all the image assets were designed and programmed to load from the servers. This gave us the flexibility to deploy this for multiple teams with ease.The facepaint feature has been part of the following team’s/league’s official apps (both Andorid and iOS).

  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Houston Texans
  • Denver Broncos
  • Netball League – 8 teams
  • Detroit Lions
  • National Rugby League
  • Australian Football League – 18 teams
  • Toronto FC
  • New Zealand National Rugby Union Team (All blacks)

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