Interactive Virtual Reality : Injustice



An interactive Virtual Reality(VR) experience. Using live action in VR, the team wants the guest to share the space with the characters and interact in space. The main objective of the project is to explore interactive storytelling and building an effective pipeline for it. Leveraging the immersive power of VR, team Kalpana designed an interactive film called ‘Injustice’, exploring the emotional impact of interactive VR space versus traditional film.

Development duration: 15 weeks (Fall 2015)

Technologies used: Unity3D, OpenCV, Google Speech API

My Role: Producer, Programmer, Video Editor and Compositor in a team of 5

Project Website:


  • Official selection in Tribeca Film Festival
  • Academy award nominated actor Micheal Keaton spoke about the project.
  • 4the412, online media journal did a piece on us.


[Trailer credit Yeongmin won]

Watch the 360 trailer here.

Early Concepts:

Gaze Interaction Test Shoot

Voice Interaction Test Shoot

Production Pipeline:


Post-Production Pipeline:


[graphic credit Yeongmin won]

Team Credits
Jaehee Cho – Director

Atit Kothari – Producer, Technical Artist

Yeonmingmin Won – UI Designer, 2D Artist, Motion Graphics Artist, Video compositor

Tiffa Cheng – Artist

Martin Ding – Programmer