Only a privileged few get to raise the official 12th Man flag at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field and hear the roaring crowd chant SEA-HAWKS. Within the Seahawks official app, fans everywhere could now virtually get in on the ritual of raising football fandom’s most recognizable flag.

Design & Development

Our initial approach was to understand more about the flag raising ceremony and what it meant for the Seahawks fans. How fans at home; watching the ceremony on television could experience the same excitement as the ones in the stadium? The idea was to bring the stadium experience to the user. The first prototype built, let the users point at a 12 flag logo and make the pole and flag appear. The flag then would automatically rise up.

After having tested the app; I noticed that this version did not let the users actively participate in raising the flag. Therefore, I decided to add few interactions and tweaks. Now with a simple swipe, the vertical movement of the flag could be controlled. Also, included feature of the “SeaHawks chant” background volume would gradually increases as the flag moves up the pole. Once the flag reached the top a share button would appear; allowing users to snap a picture of the raised flag and share it on any social media website.The feature was developed for both Android and iOS platforms and was integrated into the SeaHawks official app.

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